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Make the lines thick. Make the lines thin. Just let me get a little under my skin!

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Tattoo Winnipeg – Tattoo Studios and Tattoo Artists in Winnipeg

Welcome to Tattoo Winnipeg. This site is a complete listing of anything and everything to do with tattoos in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Looking to get a tattoo done, but don’t know where to go? Check here for a listing of every shop, with phone number and address, plus reviews and ratings from others, and more. Or click on over to our resources page to find out more about tattoo’s and what to look for in a tattoo artist/studio. Use the search bar in the top right to narrow down your search to a specific location or name.

Just got some new ink? Find the shop listing and tell everyone about your new tat, and show your love for them.

If you are a tattoo artist or shop owner, contact us to get more info listed on your shop page (or get your shop added), including artist listing, shop features, photo gallery and more. If you have a tattoo event, or a guest artist, tell us and we will add it to our events page to help bring you more business.

What’s Tattoo Winnipeg all about?

Ink. Simple as that. We have had a passion for tattoo’s since early high school. Years later, the passion is still there. We are always talking to friends about tat’s, checking out new work, and asking who got what and where. There is often a story behind the ink, and even where the ink was done. We love that!

Evolution of those questions is this site. A site to list every shop, and get to know every story. If you love tattoo’s, and live in Winnipeg, or plan to travelling through, this site is for you. We encourage people to leave feedback, or submit new listings and events.

One of my favorite bands is Biohazard, a heavily inked hardcore band from Brooklyn. They have a hidden track on one album that sums up our thoughts on tattoo’s perfectly.

Ink. Let me get some.
Ink. Let me get a lump sum.
Let me get a little under my skin.
Love the feel of the hot vibrations, of the gun, its a wonderful sensation.
Gimme colours, gimme shades of gray.
Make it nice ‘cuz I’ll take it to my grave.
You see my love for art goes much deeper than my skin, the designs you see are a reflection of within.
It’s not some kind of trend, or stupid fashion statement, my body is mine and I have the right to change its appearance if i want to.
It’s like gettin scratched, and I have another itch, so let the ink be attached.
Make the lines thick. Make the lines thin.
Just let me get a little under my skin!
Ink. Let me get some.
Ink. Let me get a lump sum.


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